Indemnity of Advise:

Please note that Gitu Mirpuri exercises utmost maturity in sharing the details that your horoscope and other readings with you. Your adherence to her advise depends on your free will and faith in the alternate healing modalities. Faith is an important pillar in bringing success to your efforts. It is upon you to choose to follow or not follow her advise. Life events can be predicted by astrology, tarot and other means, but their unfolding is also dependent on one factor that a healer, astrologer or future teller has no control on – that is your own free will.
Divine Touch takes no responsibility of the results of their advise and every consultation is given with the best of intentions, keeping in mind that circumstances will unfold in the desired manner. You indemnify Divine Touch and all its associates from all known or unknown possible mishap, damage or loss.

Privacy Policy

Gitu Mirpuri and Divine Touch need to collect your personal and private information for the purpose of discharging her services to your satisfaction. Although every care is taken to keep your personal information safe, Divine Touch takes no responsibility of any kind of data leakage that might happen due to unforeseen circumstances such as website hacking etc. Gitu Mirpuri guarantees complete privacy in all her sessions and readings. She under no circumstances divulges details of clients until and unless they themselves initiate and consent to sharing of such information. Please read further details in Privacy Policy here.

Refund Policy

Gitu Chawla and Divine Touch offer services upon the receipt of advance. Once the session begins, two things to take note of are:
1. There will be no refund, whether complete, or partial, in case a student/client leaves the course/consultation midway.
2. There will be no refund, whether complete, or partial, in case a student/client is not satisfied, or has different expectations from the course/consultation, such as and/or including immediate miracles or life changes.

No misconduct will be entertained in any case.