About Divine Touch

Divine Touch Reiki, Tarot, Vastu, Crystals, Astrology, Numerology


Every soul looks for directions. A source relevant, to who we are. As human beings. We are attuned to earthy cues and look for a guru. At times, directions are channeled through our consciousness and at times others.

How did we start?

Life takes it course and directs a human being to God through human experiences.
Mrs. Gitu Mirpuri worked as a lecturer in DY Patil Engineering College, after completing her engineering degree in 1996. The faith in God and religious practices was established right from childhood, where pravachan and Bhajan were a part of daily life, at the family temple in Pimpri, Pune.
Journey further installed her faith in God as every hardship brought her closer to the divine power. She was asked to partner success for Crystal Cave , Koregaon Park, which marked the ultimate turning point in her spiritual journey. She started with  Crystal Reiki  and Tarot consultation and other healing courses and consultations to provide a solution and a new way of living for the hopefuls.

Here, the shift from a religious, yet a life based on rational thinking become penultimate, where understanding Astrology, Reiki, Runes, Aroma Therapy, Candle therapy, Bach flower therapy, Dowsing , Lama fera became important. She researched on the journey of Light workers and started identifying the divine directions through crystals. She used to try wearing each crystal a day and feel its effects, to learn the intricacies and their implementations.

What do we do

Divine Touch offers a holistic solution to the ones who visits for a consultation. There are different offerings including Crystal Healing, Tarot, Reiki, Angel Therapy, Color therapy, Numerology and Astrology. Firstly the incident is identified through Tarot Reading and Angel card reading . Divine answers are received through visions and thereafter crystals and angel therapy are recommended to resolve the problem. divine touch healing academyReiki , Crystal and lama fera training and healing sessions are offered to resolve the energy blockages that individual is suffering from. Angel Therapy is recommended to pace up the Higher-vibration living which makes an individual connect with the divine team and align with the spiritual alchemy. Astrology and Vastu shastra are recommended to ground the problem areas surrounding the human being.

All the trainings impart at Divine Touch, increase the capability to observe our own actions aligning the flow of thoughts to God. But what precedes it all is the blessings received from Godriwala Baba. During the treatment, Baba ‘s prayers are made by Gitu Mirpuri, for the ones who needs it. This brings in the miracle required by the one who is going through a low phase. Godriwale Baba’s blessing, Bibhuti and when chosen a visit to his ashram brings in the success desired by all. The shift from fear based living is made towards the divine guidance and grace. Merely looking or knowing a problem doesn’t help. The devotion towards God and Baba creates endless miracles. At Divine Touch this journey is chosen by all who visits it.

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